ALVAN Gloss alkyd varnish (RADIANT)

ALVAN Gloss alkyd varnish (RADIANT)

Glossy alkyd varnish (Varnish) is developed on the basis of alkyd rubbers, using the latest formulas in the paint and varnish industry. Recommended for indoor work – offices, furniture, doors and wooden surfaces, it is adhesive, also resistant to weathering.

Characteristics (white) at 25 ° C

Theoretical consumption: 14-15 m² / l;
(consumption, depends on surface and climatic conditions)
Surface drying time: Max. 4 hours;
Time for applying the next layer: Min 16 hours;
(Drying time of paint, depends on ventilation, ambient temperature, humidity and applied layers.)
Appearance: glossy
Flash point (FLASH POINT) -38 ºС;