ALVAN SHIELD Alkyd Anti-Corrosion Primer Alvan

ALVAN SHIELD Alkyd Anti-Corrosion Primer Alvan

Alkyd Anti-Corrosion Primer Alvan is developed on the basis of alkyd rubbers from the best anti-corrosion materials. This primer is applied as a first coat to a metal surface. It has good durability and adhesion and high coverage and high anti-corrosion properties.

Characteristics (white) at 25 ° C

Theoretical consumption: orange and yellow 5-7 m² / l; gray (904) and burgundy and blue 11-14 m² / l; gray (905) and brown and black 22-25 m² / l
(consumption, depends on surface and climatic conditions)
Surface drying time: Max. 4 hours;
Time for applying the next layer: Min 16 hours;
(Drying time of paint, depends on ventilation, ambient temperature, humidity and applied layers.)
Appearance: glossy
Flash point (FLASH POINT) -38 ºС;